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What Dyslexic's See When Reading: Assistive Technology for Dyslexia Reading

Dyslexia is a common reading condition that's often misunderstood. Estimates are that 15% of the US population has dyslexia.

Myth: Dyslexia can be outgrown.

Fact: Dyslexia is a lifelong issue; the disability persists into adulthood.

When I've met and introduced adults to the OrCam Read digital handheld reading device -- they sigh and say school would've been much easier for them with this assistive reader.

Image of words blurred and doubled

A college sophomore with severe dyslexia described the process of preparing for class including tearing text book pages from the binding one by one then scanning each into her laptop. This was time consuming and costly because the text book was garbage after scanning. If a handout was given in class, her stress level skyrocketed because she wasn't able to read it.

After getting the OrCam, there were a few significant ways the device improved her school experience. Chief among them were increased efficiency in reading assignments AND improved comprehension of the material.

Self confidence grew as she used her OrCam Read in other areas of daily life such as shopping and following cooking recipes.

Ultimately, this gained self confidence led to the ability to choose a major in the area of her interest, science. Before using an OrCam Read, she was concerned that a career in science wasn't possible due to the amount of reading required.

Slogan written in varying sized letters and fonts. It reads "dyslexia is not a disease to have and be cured of. It is a way of thinking and learning."

OrCam Read is an advanced handheld device turning text into audio in real-time. It's assistive technology for dyslexia reading. OrCam Read supports the user's pace of reading, thinking and learning. For example, the "Reading Navigation" feature offers rewinding, forwarding and pausing allowing the user to control the audio playback. In addition, "Smart Reading" is a feature using voice commands to tell the OrCam what you want to read, such as question 5 on an assignment. Many more features like reading rate are available and customizable according to user preference.

At Get OrCam, free demos are available to learn how OrCam Read can help you or someone you know with reading difficulties.

Contact us at: for a free in-person or virtual demo.


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