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1 Hand and Superhuman Determination

Remember the innocent fun of yesteryear? Picnic games like burlap sack races, hands tied behind backs while bobbing for apples or the popular birthday activity “Pin the tail on the donkey”? All was innocent fun and games while temporarily experiencing physical constraints.

Permanent physical limitations don't have to prevent people from pursuing fun. Take for example, Doug who is living his life with traumatic brain injury after a childhood bicycle accident resulted in his partial paralysis, allowing use of one hand, plus loss of sight making him blind.

Despite these immense lifelong challenges, he pursues his passions — reading about WW2 and architecture — through books and building Lego structures.

To continue enjoying his interests, Doug recently got an OrCam Read smart camera with a device docking stand. This equipment will support his independence by reading text aloud to him.

Shown here are some photos of his LEGO creations built with 1 hand. They’re replete with arches, diamond shaped openings and internal structures (difficult to see in the 2nd and 3rd photos) like flooring, a king’s throne and lighting!

The last photo, is a replica of a house he saw over 50 years ago, at age 5 before his accident. This is his grandparents’ home, accurately constructed with porches, windows and dimensions. Constructed ALL from memory.

Doug’s story of the indomitable human spirit parallels that of the OrCam Technologies team and its breakthrough development of OrCam AI powered assistive devices. OrCam’s AI smart cameras convert the visual world into audio in real-time and interact with the user who can ask questions for more information. “What’s in front of me? Is there a car nearby?”


Against overwhelming odds, Doug and the OrCam team use their talents and knowledge to achieve superhuman goals. Both are examples of what can be produced with extraordinary imagination and determination. #orcam #AI #independence #Lego #traumaticbraininjury #tbi #accessibility #determination


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