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About Me

I’m Eve Posner, authorized distributor of OrCam assistive smart cameras. My background is in social work, but 6 years ago, the opportunity to represent OrCam came my way. I love this work!

I offer people of all ages a solution to accessing visual information. Their difficulties may be due to vision impairment, blindness, reading, language and learning disabilities. I’ve worked with hundreds of people, with many different conditions, 

ages 8 - 96 from the USA and abroad.

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I enjoy and am enriched by these interpersonal interactions and meeting people from all walks of life. I feel honored to share information about how an OrCam device can increase self-confidence everyday. 


As a distributor, I explain how OrCam tech works, and help train users so they get started on the right path. My relationship with clients is ongoing, even after training finishes. I am available via phone or text to support people on their OrCam journey! explains the technology, device models available and offers user stories. I hope you visit the website and learn about this award-winning AI based assistive tech. It’s simple to use but advanced in what it does: empower people by increasing independence in daily activities. 


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my goldendoodle going on walks.

I love baking. My favorite is a homemade salted chocolate chip cookie. 

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