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OrCam Read LV Read Without Limitations


Instantly convert text into audio. 
Hear audio in real-time through the tiny speaker, earbuds or a bluetooth device. 

Effortlessly read what you want from any surface. Enjoy reading with no stress.

Read Af AM student w bookshelf_edited_edited_edited.jpg

People Using OrCam Read 

  • lose focus when reading

  • are auditory learners

  • have dyslexia, cognitive or learning disabilities

  • have mild to moderate visual impairment, eye strain, headaches or reading fatigue

  • read large amounts of text 

  • are able to hear with or without hearing aids


reads anywhere!

on-the-go at work, school, shopping or during downtime

Any Surface 

easily reads text

printed on paper, 

digital screens or

signs at a distance

Effortless Reading Instantly transforms printed or digital text into
an audiobook.  

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 9.25.36 AM.png

One Click Reading
Just point, click and listen. Press a button, OrCam Read activates a laser to indicate where to start reading on any printed text or screen.

Read Anywhere
No internet connection
needed. Bright LED lights
enable reading in low-light
Capture What You Want 
Revolutionary laser feature reads selected text or an entire page. 

Smart Reading 
Ask for the text that interests you: “Read the headlines" "Read amounts" or “Start from” a specific section - “desserts” in a menu.

Say "Hey OrCam" 
The only digital reader activated by voice. Use voice commands to fully operate OrCam with voice control.

Hear It Instantly.
The only AI reader able to capture paragraphs and full pages of text. 


 Listen privately with wired or bluetooth earphones

auto cut out

use anywhere

Use anywhere anytime

No internet connection needed


Customizable reading rate, reader chooses playback speed

Easy to Use

Simply reads with 1 touch button


Laser targeting

 2 laser options

award winning

Best in market user-experience with an assistive reading device

For Students

Read Gingit w_ laser on page.jpg

For Students

A companion device for learning. OrCam smart devices enhance confidence and independence for students with reading, attention and comprehension challenges.

Recommended for ages 7 & up.

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