OrCam Read

Digital Reading Redefined

A handheld, personal AI-driven device for anyone exposed to large amounts of text – at work, school, or for leisure – and

for  reading difficulties, such as dyslexia and reading fatigue.

The first of its kind AI reader.

Effortless Reading.

Instantly transform any printed or digital text into an audiobook.

Use On-The-Go!

While shopping, studying, at work, cooking, reading books, newspapers, computers, tablet screens and more. Discreet, and portable, use anywhere, for endless uses!

Simply, point, click and listen!

The only AI reader able to capture paragraphs and full pages of text. 


 Listen privately with wired or bluetooth earphones

use anywhere

Use anywhere anytime

No internet connection needed


Customizable reading rate, reader chooses playback speed

Easy to Use

Simply reads with 1 touch button


Laser targeting

 2 laser options

award winning

Best in market user-experience with an assistive reading device

                                                                           Amit Systems, Authorized Distributor                                                                                     

Livingston, New Jersey                                                       973.820.5090                                                 eve@amit-group.com

For service outside the USA                                            +972.2.582.6660                                            renana@amit-group.com


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