Your Personal Assistive Device.

OrCam MyEye is wearable artificial vision. Intuitive & simple to use to gain independence in everyday activities. MyEye is a tiny, lightweight device with an advanced smart camera that magnetically attaches to eyeglass frames. 


How Does MyEye work? An advanced optical sensor, captures an image of your surroundings and communicates the information audibly -- completely offline -- enabling real-time communication and secure data. Easily activated by an intuitive pointing gesture or simply tapping on the device. 

Hear It Instantly. Any type of text, people's faces, products, colors, guidance and other visual information are converted instantly into audio and heard through the tiny speaker.

MyEye does not improve eyesight or enable the wearer to see. 

Icons indicating features on the OrCam myeye. Read text, recognize fces, easy to use, portable, identify products, works everywhere, voice commands and bluetooth.

OrCam MyEye is the Best Solution for Visual Impairment

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Smart Reading. 
Be an efficient reader.

Ground breaking "Smart Reading" enables you to find words, dates, phone numbers, headlines and articles by using vocal commands. 
Identify objects in your surroundings. Simply ask
“What's in front of me?”

Available on MyEye PRO. *In Beta

MyEye PRO offers all features: text reading, recognizing faces, identifying products, money notes, barcodes, colors, telling time, Smart Reading, new "Hey OrCam" voice commands and orientation features.

MyEye SMART offers all the text reading features, plus state-of-the-art Smart Reading feature and "Hey OrCam" voice commands.

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