OrCam MyEye is wearable artificial vision. Intuitive and simple to use. Children, adults, and the elderly worldwide use OrCam to gain independence everyday.

OrCam MyEye takes a picture and speaks what it sees.  

Visual information is converted into audio quickly, in real time. 


OrCam MyEye does not improve eyesight or enable the wearer to see. 

MyEye & MyReader Product Comparison


  • A personalized training session with a certified OrCam Trainer is included with purchase.

  • New users learn to incorporate OrCam into daily life.

  • Telephone & unlimited online support available after initial training.


  • In the unlikely event of a technical problem during the warranty period, the unit will be repaired or replaced.

  • MyEye 2 years, MyReader 1 year.

  • Additional warranty is available for purchase.

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