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OrCam Read 3 is an advanced, portable, and intuitive device assisting people with vision loss, reading fatigue, or those who find reading challenging. Read 3 includes next-generation magnification, handheld reading capabilities, and an AI interactive assistant.

woman seated at desk looking at text cast from OrCam Read 3 onto her computer screen

Enhanced Reading Experience

OrCam Read 3 uses highly accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to capture and read aloud printed or digital text from any surface. You can use the device at your own pace, reading the magnified text yourself or listen to OrCam Read 3 read for you.

view of computer screen casting text from Read 3

Browser Based Magnifier

This feature transforms any screen into a browser-based magnifier. You can zoom in on text, handwriting, photos, graphics, and even math equations. You can extract and customize the text formatting according to your needs and choose to read by yourself or have OrCam Read 3 read aloud to you.

Side view of OrCam Read 3 with high contrasting yellow buttons
OrCam stationary table top stand to dock smart cameras for handsfree use

Docking Stand

Place Read 3 into the fixed stand for handsfree reading and it transforms into a stationary reading companion. Relax and listen as any printed or digital text is read aloud to you.


With easy navigation through vocal commands or intuitive hand gestures, enjoy a stress free reading experience.

OrCam speaker for the Read devices, with insertable peg accepted by Read's audio jack


Read 3 audio is amplified and heard aloud with the included speaker.


On-The-Go Reader

Like the original OrCam Read, instantly read printed or digital text from any surface, at home or on the go, and use Smart Reading to find and jump to specific words, or any content of interest.

Man seated in chair holding OrCam Read in hand, pointing Read toward book on his lap

Frequently Asked Questions

When using magnifier feature, what can be done with text on screen? Connect Read 3 to any screen -- computer, laptop or tablet. Use browser based app (requires a WiFI connection) Zoom in and out of text and photos Convert captured text to speech and listen to its transcription Extract text, copy and save for later use Adjust text according to your visual preferences. Change contrast, font size and style. Reads handwriting in 10 languages. Supports over 140 languages in printed text

Which features are on Read 3? 1. Smart Reading feature is a function allowing you to find and navigate to specific words or sections within the text. Smart reading increases efficiency in reading. Go straight to the information you're interested in. Available on all OrCam devices. 2. The Summarization feature uses AI technology to provide a concise summary of scanned text, from a few sentences to an entire page. This feature requires a Wi-Fi connection, and the text should be in English for it to function. 3. "Just Ask" the AI Interactive Assistant responds to natural spoken language. Ask the Assistant questions about the text or other topics. Easily phrase questions using everyday languague, no specific commands needed. For example, when reading a recipe, ask "is this dairy free?" Read 3 will let you know! 4. Translation is easy! Take a picture of foreign language text and hear it read back in English. 5. Magnify text and photos, view them on your screen. 6. Copy, save, download text to your computer. Upload your files saved to the OrCam browser for easy reading. 7. Customize your reading experience with the many settings available.

What's included in the box? Read 3 Smart Camera Stand - lightweight, collapsible and portable Speaker Charging cable and wall plug Earbuds Lanyard Carrying case Cleaning cloth Quick start guide

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