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When we buy or get something new, most of us are excitedly focus on our shiny new thing. Generally, few of us stop to think about the people who develop and manufacture it. Today I'm highlighting people thousands of miles away who create OrCam's personal AI devices. This is a "shout out" to the dedicated behind the scenes team at OrCam Technologies enabling people who are blind, have low vision or reading difficulties to be the best they can be.

OrCam, based in Jerusalem, works diligently to ensure its advanced AI tech gets into the hands of users worldwide.

I'm Lucky!

People meet me at expos, and various venues, where I show how OrCam devices assist and empower people seeking access to the visual world.

I'm fortunate to witness their reactions -- sometimes tears -- emotional enthusiasm and "omg" moments.

5 Stars

The R & D team at OrCam, busy working on the tech, doesn't get to hear when my 80 year old new MyEye customer says,

hand outline with thumbs up. Black 5 pointed star behind the hand.

"I have been using it a little more each day and am really happy with the access I now have." Or the 13 year old OrCam Read user who says, "I wouldn't have been able to graduate 8th grade without this." I have the privilege of hearing positive feedback from customers thanks to the hardworking OrCam team.

Let's Meet, Virtually

If you know someone struggling to read or access the visual world, or who could use an OMG moment -- no matter where in the world -- they can experience OrCam life-changing tech.

Join me virtually at the #BlindHealthExpo

Be sure to visit the #OrCam booth


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