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MyEye 3 Pro

MyEye 3 Pro

The most advanced AI vision impairment wearable solution.

  • Text read to you from any book or screen, recognize faces, and accurately identify products and colors. 
  • AI Interactive Assistant works with the new smart magnifier feature to quickly get information and enable you to questions interactively. Ask about the text or other topics. OrCam's Smart Reading accurately responds and reads the text you request.  
  • OrCam’s Smart Magnifier transforms your screen into a customizable magnifier, making texts, handwritten notes, and images easily readable. Just upload printed or handwritten documents to zoom in, adjust font, contrast, and have it read aloud to you. Choose voice and languague, this advanced tool supports text in over 140 languages.
  • Discover the "Just Ask" feature while using OrCam's Smart Magnifier. Interact naturally with the AI assistant and receive immediate responses to all your questions, whether related to text or other subjects.
  • MyEye 3 Pro to summarizes reading material "Hey OrCam what's this article about?"
  • Instantly identify products, discern clothing colors, and make the process of paying for things easier by ensuring you have the correct money notes in hand.
  • What's In Front of Me provides descriptions of your environment. Speak freely to ask then hear responses about your visual surroundings.
  • Accessibility & Operation Choices. The OrCam MyEye 3 Pro provides a wide range of reading capabilities activated by voice command, hand gestures or a touch bar.
  • MyEye 3 can be worn on eyeglasses using the magnetic mount or used in the tabletop stationary stand.
  • Accessories Included

    Stationary stand and bluetooth speaker are included in purchase.

  • Learning & Tutorials

    • $250 - additional for personal training Via Zoom, phone or in person. and easy to access, no hassle customer service. One call away!
    • User Guide and self-paced 24/7 online tutorials are included.
  • Electronic or Check Payment

    Contact us for purchasing instructions.

  • Warranty

    Warranty coverage includes software updates and limited product warranty (the “Limited Warranty”) covers the original owner of an OrCam product against defects in material or workmanship at the time of its original purchase, for a subsequent period of two (2) years, and for any additional applicable legal warranty period. 

  • Returns

    30 day return policy. OrCam must be in new, clean condition with no misuse, scratches or damages. All packaging and all accessories are required for return. Return is original price paid less $75 restocking fee.

$4,490.00 Regular Price
$4,250.00Sale Price

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