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Messi Magic

Soccer's Lionel Messi produces magic on the pitch. Some say he has earned the title of magician because of his zig zag dribbles, cutting edge passes that no one else sees, and astonishing goals. He creates sports magic.

Messi says he is ever grateful and appreciates his achievements especially in light of growing up with growth hormone deficiency. His development was slow and limited until diagnosis at age 11. He certainly knows about physical bodily struggles, and we're witness that with Messi magic he overcame them!

Messi has been quoted saying, "There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game." To that end, he participated in a project focused on blind and visually impaired athletes. Produced by OrCam Technologies, Messi gave his time to meet the young athletes and have encouraging conversation with them about achieving despite having limited sight.

Each athlete was gifted an OrCam MyEye. The facial recognition setting identified the famous footballer before he spoke to each individual.

Messi said, “As an OrCam ambassador, I take great satisfaction in helping to improve the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired, by using the life-changing OrCam MyEye device.״

If you or someone you know is experiencing impaired eyesight, blindness or reading challenges such as dyslexia, contact us for a free demo to learn how an OrCam smart device will help.

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