A solution for reading challenges due to blindness, vision impairment, dyslexia, retina conditions or other causes. MyReader turns text into audio, in real-time. No connectivity needed. MyReader reads printed and digital text. Bluetooth & voice commands are included in MyReader.

MyReader 2

Payment Type
  • 30 day return policy. OrCam must be in new, clean condition with no misuse or damage. All packaging and all accessories are required for return. Return is original price paid minus $350 training and restocking fees.

                                                                           Amit Systems, Authorized Distributor                                                                                     

Livingston, New Jersey                                                       973.820.5090                                                 eve@amit-group.com

For service outside the USA                                            +972.2.582.6660                                            renana@amit-group.com


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